Hi, I’m Stephanie Sackerman, and I’m passionate about making the world a happier, kinder, and more compassionate place by teaching moms to love and care for themselves.


As a Teacher, Certified Wellness Coach, and Mindfulness Practitioner,

I support moms who are

stressed, doubting themselves, feeling overwhelmed,

or are putting their needs on the BACK BURNER…

so they can start feeling



and happy!

Let’s get you started on your journey to your best self™.

mama, Are you…

lacking self-confidence?

feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

struggling to balance it all?

feeling alone in this “Mom” thing?

thinking that there is never any time for you?

trying to figure it out on your own?

ready to make a change?

I know what you’re feeling because

I’ve been there.

Let’s talk about how I can support you!

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This is what my clients say…

"I can’t thank Stephanie enough for helping me get myself back on track after having my daughter. At the time I started working with Stephanie I felt so far removed from my “former self” and knew I wanted to make a change. I was hyper-focused on my life as a new mom and anxiety was getting the best of me. Immediately, Stephanie made me feel comfortable and took my challenges seriously.  Never once did I feel judged which allowed me to be 100% honest with her as well as myself as to what I was thinking, feeling, and how I was acting. With her guidance, I was able to dig deep and find the answers within myself as to what would make me feel happier and healthier. After just a few sessions, I had regained control of my life and was creating time in my day to nurture myself and practice self-care. Now, when stressful situations inevitably come up, I have strategies and tools in my toolbox to respond in ways that make me feel good. I highly recommend Stephanie if you are looking for a wellness coach to help you work through your personal challenges in a kind and responsive way." - Leah

“Stephanie did a wonderful job guiding me to make important life decisions. I had been dealing with a stressful personal situation, which I kept avoiding. But Stephanie’s input helped me take steps in the right direction. Together, we created a plan that included specific actions, dialogue, and a timeline. Through her check-ins, I was able to get some great feedback that ensured my own follow-through! Weeks later, I am feeling less stressed and more clear-minded.  Thank you, Stephanie!” - Joan

"After just one session with Stephanie, she immediately pin-pointed the troubles I was facing, and she helped me work through exactly what it was that was holding me back. Throughout each subsequent session, Stephanie continued to follow up with me in the areas where I was struggling, and she helped me come up with new techniques to instill more confidence in myself and my abilities. I notice a significant difference in how I approach situations since working with Stephanie, and I cannot thank her enough for the new sense of purpose and power that she helped me achieve." - Patricia


It would be a true honor to guide you on your journey:

The journey to your best self™.


about me


Stephanie Sackerman is a teacher, a coach, a mom, and the founder of LiveLoveBeWell Wellness Coaching LLC.  After becoming a mother, Stephanie discovered the importance of embracing a lifestyle which nourished “Mom” in addition to everyone else!  Stephanie supports mothers through The Seven Steps to Your Best Self with practical, convenient, and accessible techniques. Her authentic approach focuses on kindness, compassion, and understanding that begins on the inside.  As The MindfulMom™, Stephanie helps moms to be their best selves—to live authentically and embrace the truly happy lives that they deserve. Stephanie holds her M.A. in Teaching, and she is a Certified Wellness Coach, a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and a Mindfulness Educator.  Stephanie has coached women in New Jersey and all over the United States to help them reduce stress, learn self-care, and increase their self-worth.